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Peter Cowan · Software Developer


I am currently self-employed, working on small projects that satisfy my curiosity. Until recently I was a lead developer at JustGiving, a global, London based company focused on fundraising tools for nonprofits. After 2 years of frequent international travel, and then getting acquired I decided to move on. Previously much of my experience was working at JustGive, a small nonprofit dedicated to using the Internet to generate new charitable giving.

I have 15 plus years of experience developing web based applications in Java and Javascript. My main responsibilities have been writing reusable Java libraries to support our web app, web services, command line processes. Recently I have focused more on writing React/Redux/Node.js front end features.

As team lead I was responsible for establishing our development processes, interacting with clients to define project requirements and collaborating with the business team on long term goals. I am most comfortable in Java and Javascript, but have jumped into projects using other languages and had little trouble getting up to speed. Ultimately, I want to use the right tool for the right job, whatever it may be.


I am looking for a position working within the web development stack in or around downtown Portland. While most of my experience is in Java and Javascript, I am technologically agnostic and I prefer wearing multiple hats over specialization. My main concern is working in a creative environment with a great team of peers who respect each other, get along well and push each other to learn and grow. An agile oriented development environment would be desirable, but the aspects I care about most are continuous integration, smaller teams, and short release cycles.


2016 - 2018
London, UK
Senior Developer
2000 - 2016
San Francisco, CA
Lead Developer
2005 - 2006
Oakland, CA
Software Consultant
Community Marketing
San Francisco, CA
Software Consultant
Software Consultant
Software Consultant
Lead Developer

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University of California Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA
Studied economics and linguistics
Cabrillo College
Aptos, CA
Studied philosophy, computer science and math