Peter Cowan · Software Developer

Some of my projects

Java in Jails

This is a java library for creating, displaying and validating forms similar to how they are handled in ruby on rails. The main feature of this library is that it is configuration free; if you have annotated your classes with JSR-303 Bean Validation Annotations, Jails will use reflection to bind them to a Jquery validation library on the client side. To make processing on the server side easier there is a ParamMapper class that can convert from request parameters to Objects (and vice versa). Optionally, there is a set of Jails Annotations that you can use to restrict which of an Object's fields will accept nested parameters.


This is an Android app that uses the Text-to-Speech library to create .wav files that can be used as ringtones, and shared with friends.


The beginnings of a Ruby library to download the IRS's 501c(3) nonprofits master file, and create a searchable database from it. Next phase in the process is to geocode the address data of the charities and provide a web front end to the search feature.